A Message From Our Founder

Hello! My name is Maneesha Mukhi, Indian by citizenship and mutt at heart. Having grown up in 6 different countries across 3 continents, I wanted nothing more than to put down roots in the U.S.  I received my green card 13 years after I set foot in the U.S. for college. Meanwhile, friends who picked Canada, Singapore or the UK were citizens long before I even had a green card.

This is what my journey looked like:  4 years on an F1 (including CPT), 1 year on OPT, 4 H1 transfers over 9 years and 3 separate green card applications (at 3 different companies) as EB3, EB3 again, and finally EB2. During this period, there were recessions and countless layoffs, where the looming possibility of losing my status just about gave me an ulcer. Luckily, I never got laid off and eventually obtained the elusive green card, which put me on the path to citizenship.

Outside of immigration law firms, I found information to be scarce and the entire process to be unnecessarily complex, restrictive and frustrating. Out of necessity, I leveraged my network and research skills to build my own resources. Over the years, I have answered numerous immigration related questions for my community and thought to myself – wouldn’t it be great if there was a trustworthy platform to access accurate information or a quality immigration lawyer? Ask Ellis was born out of this personal experience with a mission to help immigrants (and businesses) find solutions to their immigration needs. We are proud of our network and look forward to helping you find the right resource, whether that’s an immigration lawyer or a guide explaining how to do it yourself.