• We focus on immigration only. We recognize the complex nature of immigration and believe that warrants its own platform. Unlike other platforms that span across legal specialties, we choose to be laser focused on immigration. We live, breathe and sleep immigration.
  • Consistent service standards. At Ask Ellis, we have checks and balances in place to ensure the platform maintains the highest standards of quality. Our lawyers agree to be responsive and provide excellent service to clients. We pay attention to client feedback and lawyers that do not consistently provide excellent service are removed from our platform.
  • Affordable prices. We have carefully chosen experienced lawyers that offer competitive rates. Lawyers on Ask Ellis will not quote you $10K for a service that typically commands $3-5K in the market (something that does occur). Many consumers shy away from scheduling consultations due to the high price tag. We have worked with our partners to offer affordable first consults so that you can take that first step in resolving your immigration issues.
  • Speed. Need to speak to a lawyer today, but not sure how to find a great lawyer on such short notice? Ask Ellis makes it easy – all you have to do is pick a time that works for you.